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I released my first children’s picture book, “Little Mouse’s Sweet Treat,” in September 2016.  My book needed a home and I needed a place where I could refer bloggers; therefore, this is my best attempt at a website.

I work full-time and I have a loving, smart, energetic, non-napping, two year old and a happy, cooing, smiling, stage-1-clinger, eight month old. I barely have time to shower, and no one likes to sleep in my house, so you will not find any blog posts right now – sorry.

I love reading and I am a hoarder of books. I have so many they are taking over every room in our house. I enjoy telling stories to my two babies and I write them down on paper when I can, which is a few minutes here and there. I have two books that are ready for illustrations and hopefully they will be released in 2018. If you would like to sign up to be notified of the release dates, please sign up on my mailing list, oh and…please buy my book 🙂




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Little Mouse’s Sweet Treat





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